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Cover all your traffic at one place
Onclick pop-under ads
A full page Ad or landing page appears hidden behind the main browser window. it’s not noticeable until the main browser window is closed or minimized.

Payouts for Pop-under Ads are high than display ads its helps than display ads. It helps publisher to generate more revenue from their visitors. This is best solution for publisher who is willing to get paid for every ad impression.

Mobile web ads
We have Ad units developed that are optimized for mobile viewing.

It is an addtional and effective way to make money from your mobile audience.

Classic Banners
Most popular ad format for mobile and display advertising is classic banners.

We offer clean, Malware free crative ads that are available in many standerd sizes.

Direct links
You can use direct links to monetize traffic on your 404 and mispelling traffic.

Make some extra money by using direct links as an auto optimizing landing page (Destination URL) by using your own creative ways or redirects, make yourself available for websites of brands and advertisers that are willing to pay premium prices.

Video ads
There are various spots for video ads, Pre roll, mid roll, post roll and pregame.

Video ads can be shown if you have good video content or gaming content.

We offer relative ads to your content so that you get high engagement.

Native ADS
Native advertises are those paid ads that looks, feels and function are same as the media in which they appear.

Native ads can be found in social media, or recommendations on web pages. Native ads don’t really look like ads. They look like part of the editorial flow of the page.

R T B - Real Time Bidding
Real time bidding (RTB) is a server-to-server buying process that allows inventory (ad space on websites) to be bought and sold on a per-impression basis.

Efficiency. Thanks to real-time bidding, ad buyers no longer need to work directly with publishers or ad networks to negotiate ad prices and to traffic ads.

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